Asphalt and concrete pavements naturally undergo wear and tear over time. The older the pavement, the more likely the parking lot needs asphalt repair. The average parking lot will last between 10-15 years with routine preventive maintenance. Issues that can arise requiring either partial or total reconstruction include issues with the stone-base, issues with the sub-base, inadequate maintenance, inadequate level of asphalt thickness, seasonal temperature fluctuations, and high traffic. Partial or total reconstruction, including concrete removal can involve performing an undercut to replace deteriorated stone and soil, then adding new layers of binder and surface. Installing or repairing drainage structures may also be necessary in order to avoid future issues. A well-maintained parking lot contributes to the overall impression customers get when visiting your property. The professionals at Maneval Paving will perform a complete site inspection in order to identify your specific problems and create a plan to address them.


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